An Exceptional Result Driven Workout Powered By Authentic Kickboxing

K2 Kickboxing is a 40 minute heart pumping, high energy workout combining authentic Kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques with High Intensity Interval Training in a fun and innovative class structure that maximizes client engagement, progression and retention.

Every K2KB class is a unique experience that delivers a fun, fast paced, unique cardio and HIIT workout while learning REAL kickboxing moves using gloves and heavybags - It is not the typical pretend, air punching aerobics class.


Kickboxing Without Hitting Bags Is Like Playing Soccer Without A Ball


Our unique and carefully crafted system allows even complete beginners to finish every class slamming the bags with real combos - feeling and looking like a pro. 

In addition to being an exceptional result driven workout, K2KB delivers an experience simply un-achievable by the myriad of pretend kickboxing aerobic classes: A deeply satisfying skill progression that you can see and feel on the bags, and a real sense of accomplishement and pride that only comes from newfound skills. That is what keeps K2 Kickboxing members coming class after class and year after year.


Course Instructor & K2KB Co-Creator: Alain Moussi

Before breaking into Hollywood and becoming the KICKBOXER, Alain studied human kinetics at the University of Ottawa and worked as a trainer and martial arts instructor. He has fought in full contact Kickboxing, developed and trained both fitness competitors and professional MMA fighters and co-owns a multimillion dollar chain of fitness and martial arts studios - which of course incorporates a massively successful fitness Kickboxing program that is now offered in this course.


In addition to nearly 2 decades of Kickboxing and fitness training experience, Alain's work and contacts in Hollywood have allowed him to privately consult with some of the top trainers in the business to further refine the program.

The K2KB Program has also undergone massive testing and continual improvements through Alain's own chain of fitness centers with thousands of classes and tens of thousands of clients.


Before making K2KB available for certification, the program HAD to deliver the following:


  • Sound scientific fitness principles to get the best possible results for the client - providing a highly competitive and powerful alernative to other fitness programs
  • Maintain it's combat sport authenticity to stand out in the clutter of "vanilla" cardio kickbox programs - This creates an exciting and unique experience (the alternatives are typically completely watered down, or completely innaccessible)
  • Create the perfect balance between the fun and thrill of a combat sport and the safety of a fitness class
  • Be easily accessible to anyone at any level - allowing someone just starting out to get a great experience without a steep learning curve
  • A precise and unique system that would allow new comers to rapidly feel like "pros" - Creating a sense of accomplishment and promoting long term retention
  • Be simple and fast for instructors to learn the system and deliver a great client experience - allowing a normally difficult and lengthy learning curve to be massively accelerated even with no kickboxing experience
  • Ensuring each class delivers variety and a fresh feel while maintaining a familar format - removing the staleness quickly experienced in repetitive fitness classes
  • Provide visible skill progression for clients - the secret to long term engament and retention (K2KB get nearly 50% more retention month over month compared to the top 5 tested fitness classes)


The K2KB Program you now have access to is indeed "new" and on point with the hottest trends in the industry - but the process to get it "just right" was an immense and lengthy undertaking. 


✅ Here Is What You Get:

I. The K2KB System, Classes and Instructor Training

The Program is designed to be simple, easy to follow, learn, and implement: 

 Complete video walkthrough and breakdown of the K2KB system.

 Step by step video series to quickly and easily allow you to build the necessary proficiency to run a K2KB class - regarless of your Kickboxing experience.

 Every single K2KB class has an easy to follow video that walks you through the entire workout in addition to a quick reference printable PDF that maps out the full 40 minute session - minute by minute.

 Additional training videos will teach you how to deliver the class in a dynamic and safe way to ensure an exeptional client experience - every time.

 The Instructor portal serves as your initial course but also as an online referrence manual that is continually updated with more in-depth coaching, new classes, and strategies and tips to ensure your continued success.

II. Video Evaluation & Certification

The certification process is done through video submissions from the Certification Module in the K2KB portal - This ensures you get the coaching you need and can deliver the best possible experiene to your clients.

We are committed to your success and will give you the support you need to become a powerhouse instructor.

Once you complete this process, you will receive an Instructor Diploma and be listed as a certified K2KB Coach.

III. Build Up Your Following

The tools available in the portal allow you to easily build a fan following and promote your K2KB classes with a continually expanding suite of proffesional marketing videos, pics & social media tools and strategies - all ready to deploy with a click of the mouse.

As a BONUS we also included a trainer promotional starter package. A one click ready to deploy custom lead gen funnel for you market yourself more effectively as a fitness professional. Every month new marketing tactics and tools are deployed in the portal. 

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You will get immediate access to the program web portal and can begin your course. The K2KB instructor portal is continually updated with new workouts, tips, promotional materials and coaching which you continue to receive with your monthly membership. You can of course cancel your subscription at anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many "cardio kickboxing" type fitness classes. 

The vast majority are basically aeorbic classes with a "kickboxing wrapper" to try and create artificial variety and interest.

First, doing Kickboxing without hitting bags is like doing powerlifting without weights or playing soccer without a ball.

Second, most programs simply have no real technique, making the experience quickly feel shallow.

Hitting bags with techniques that you see yourself improving on every class is THE most exciting part of the program and it keeps clients coming back. 

Hitting bags also dramatically raises the intensity of the workout - which in turn produces faster results.

Having clients see actual technical progression as well as fitness results often the missing link in client retention and engament.

If you are already a trainer, learning the core basic mechanics of kickboxing is no more difficult than learning proper kettlebell techniques or TRX movements. It takes careful observation, paying attention to detail, and repetition until you are able to internalize and duplicate the movements.

Everyone's learning speed is different, but since you do not have to apply kickboxing techniques in combat - only in demonstration - Most can become proficient enough to lead a class in a few short weeks of careful practice and study.

The program is layed out in an easy to learn, easy to follow manner that will allow you to quickly become comfortable with the core movements.

All of the expertise and credibility is built into the workouts and only rely on you to deliver the experience - not come up with content.

No.  Most "classic" Kickboxing programs found in martial arts schools are typically a reflection of the instructor's training preferences. Many of these instructors are highly skilled and knowledgable but the actual classes are often unstructured and follow loose training formulas derived from their personal experiences.

We have found that martial arts clubs benefit immensely from adding K2KB classes because it provides an already proficient instructor a complete system out of the box to offer cutting edge fitness to a larger audience - while still leveraging their skills and not just offering an aerobics class.

In addition to accreditation and full use of the K2KB program and classes,  you also get access to all promotional materials, limited use of the logos, on-going support and training, and a personalized video endorsement by Alain Moussi.